Get COVID-19 Vaccine updates in your inbox

Get COVID-19 Vaccine updates in your inbox

Ottawa – To make finding vaccine information a little easier, the City of Ottawa has created the COVID-19 Vaccine Update e-subscription. Sign up today and you’ll receive the latest updates on vaccine distribution in the city, delivered to your inbox. It will also include a weekly roundup of COVID-19 and vaccine-related information every Friday.

All residents, even those who are not yet eligible for the vaccine, are encouraged to register for the e-subscription. It will keep you informed on:

  • who is eligible for the vaccine
  • where clinics are held
  • how and when you can schedule an appointment
  • the latest vaccine information

To sign up for the e-subscription, make sure you choose the first item: COVID-19 Vaccine Update.

Alternatively, you can choose City News to receive information on all programs and services at the City of Ottawa, including COVID-19 and vaccination updates. If you have already signed up for City News, you do not need to sign up for the COVID-19 Vaccine Update. You will receive the same content through your City News e-subscription. Once you sign up, you will receive an email to confirm your subscription.

Visit the City’s COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution page for more information and check out our FAQs page for answers to questions frequently asked by residents.

For more information on City programs and services, visit or call 3-1-1 (TTY: 613-580-2401). You can also connect with us through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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