owing Regulations and Pawnbroker/Second-Hand Good Licensing Reviews

owing Regulations and Pawnbroker/Second-Hand Good Licensing Reviews

Mayor and Members of Council,

The Public Policy Development Branch in Emergency and Protective Services has launched public-facing project pages for the Towing Services Regulatory Review project page and Pawnbroker and Second-Hand Goods Licensing Review . This work is part of Council-approved 2019-2022 By-law Review Workplan.

The Towing Services Regulatory Review project examines the feasibility of creating municipal regulations for tow truck services in Ottawa in order to enhance public health and safety and consumer protection. This includes a review of potential rules for tow truck operators and drivers, safety requirements for vehicles, and rules for transactions with clients. Industry and stakeholder consultations are continuing, and we are now seeking input from the public on the Engage Ottawa project page, which includes a public survey.

The Pawnbroker and Second-Hand Goods Licensing Review project examines the potential gaps created by the expected repeal of the provincial Pawnbrokers Act and explores the modernization of existing licensing requirements for these businesses, taking into account their varying business models. Consultations with the industry is ongoing, and we’re now seeking input from the public via survey.

We are advancing this work now with a view to presenting staff reports to the Community and Protective Services Committee and Council when the corporate legislative agenda is re-established, but exact dates have not yet been determined. We expect to set-up Councillor briefings virtually later this spring and summer, once the results of these initial consultations are known. 

Any comments, concerns, or questions on these reviews can be sent to the contacts below.  Please also feel free to contact me should you have any questions.

Contacts for more information:


Towing Services Regulatory Review:  towingregulations@ottawa.ca

Pawnbrokers and Second-Hand Goods Licensing Review:  Tanya Nayler at Tanya.Nayler@ottawa.ca or David Kurs at David.Kurs@ottawa.ca

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