Presto on Para Transpo

Presto on Para Transpo

We’re making it easier to use your Presto monthly pass on Para Transpo.

Starting on December 15, Para Transpo customers no longer need to carry a monthly pass receipt with their Presto card. Para Transpo customers can now provide their Presto card number to Para Transpo and our system will confirm to the operator that the pass is loaded.

Once your card has been provided to Para Transpo, show your card to the operator for verification when boarding. This process will shorten boarding times for customers using a Presto monthly pass to pay on Para Transpo.

Follow these steps to use Presto as a pass:

  1. Contact Para Transpo to provide your Presto card number by:
  2. Allow 48 hours for your first trip for Para Transpo to verify that you have a monthly pass.
  3. Remember to bring your Presto card on your trip to show the operator or taxi driver.
  4. Next month, load your monthly pass and it will be recorded automatically.

Once you have provided your Presto card number, our system will check for new passes every night. All passes will continue to be valid for non-rural fares only. A reminder that monthly passes do not apply to rural fares.

OC Transpo continues to work on a system to allow customers to tap Presto cards on Para Transpo minibuses and taxis.

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