Green Bin Facts

Green Bin Fact #1

How are the plastic bags containing organics processed at the facility?

The organic processing facility has been retrofitted with equipment that rip open the plastic bags – separating the organic materials – like food scraps and paper towel – from the plastics.  The ripped plastic bags go straight to landfill while the organics are processed for compost.

 Green Bin Fact #2

Are biodegradable plastic bags better than plastic bags for composting?

Biodegradable bags are often perceived as an equivalent to compostable bags. Well, the fact is biodegradable bags cannot be processed with the organics. 

Biodegradable have microorganisms added to help break down the plastic, but it can leave behind microplastic particles that can contaminate the compost.  As a result, the biodegradable bags would be sent to landfill with the other plastic bags.

Conversely, compostable plastic bags are made of a natural plant base, and do not leave behind microplastic particle contaminants when put through the composting process. Compostable bags are not sent to landfill and processed with the other organic materials.

Green Bin Fact #3

Why are you allowing the use of plastic bags as a bagging option for the green bin?

The main reason to allow plastic bags as a bagging option to dispose of food scraps and dog poop in the green bin is the “yuck” factor for many residents.

This factor is main deterrent for people from using the green bin. A recent market survey found 60 per cent of people who either never or seldom use the green bin would use it weekly if plastic bags were permitted as a bagging option.

When people don’t use the green bin those same plastic bags and compostable food and paper items all end up in the landfill. With the plastic bag option, we will be able to capture those organic materials and divert them the landfill – saving millions in developing a new landfill and lowering our greenhouse gas emissions.


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