Orgaworld Canada

City Council approved a new agreement with Orgaworld Canada that will make it easy for residents to recycle organic waste, keeping it out of landfills.

The report approved recommended dog waste be allowed in green bins starting in mid-2019, as an improved service for residents. Residents could also put their organic waste in plastic bags.

The revised contract with Orgaworld Canada Ltd., the service provider for the City’s Green Bin program, will expand service for an additional $626,000 per year and end current arbitrations with the company. The new contract will divert more waste, helping to extend the life of the Trail Road landfill, meet new provincial targets for waste diversion and cut greenhouse gas emissions.

The remaining 12 years of the contract will see a reduced processing rate, a lower minimum tonnage, more operational flexibility and an end product that could be used as compost and other beneficial products.

The agreement can be found at the following link.