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Local Businesses in Ward 9 Restaurants/Grocery Stores/Pharmacies

Nepean COVID-19 Neighbours Helping Neighbours

How you can help other community agencies and charities

Help is Available for Seniors and Adults with Disabilities During COVID-19

Unsafe at Home Ottawa

Local Businesses in Ward 9 Restaurants/Grocery Stores/Pharmacies

My team has compiled a list of Ward 9 restaurants that are offering takeout and delivery options. They have also put together a list of grocery stores and pharmacies that are offering delivery or pick-up service as well as designated hours for seniors. Click on the titles to view the lists. If we have missed you please email ward9@ottawa.ca.

****If you are a business owner more information can be found here.****

Nepean COVID-19 Neighbours Helping Neighbours

Nepean residents have set up a volunteer service in order to address the needs of our neighbours in Nepean who are in self-isolation due to Covid-19. Our services include grocery pick-up and drop-off, prescription/pharmacy supplies pick-up and drop-off, dog walking and pet supply pick-up/inquiries.

Individuals can fill out our quick "Service Request Form" letting us know how to best support them at the following link: https://airtable.com/shrvf9b0dXVSI4Wne or reach us by phone at 613-212-0054. We can also be reached by email at nepean.neighbours@gmail.com. All of our contact details and links to the form can be found by community members in our Facebook group "Nepean COVID-19 Neighbours Helping Neighbours".

Our guidelines of engagement are in keeping with social distancing practices. We do not accept cash exchanges for groceries. Instead, we encourage those using our service to pre-order and pay for their groceries online, then fill out our service request form. We have created a video tutorial (linked in our Facebook group) to help anyone who is new to online shopping. We do understand this may not be a feasible option for everyone and we are happy to discuss individual circumstances over the phone, to best come up with a plan of support.

How you can help other community agencies and charities

Many community agencies, non-profit organizations and charities are also working to help our community through this COVID-19 pandemic, especially our community’s vulnerable people in need of support. You can contact the agencies with donation of items and monetary contributions.

For up-to-date information on the COVID-19 pandemic in Ottawa, visit ottawa.ca/covid19 or call 3-1-1 (TTY: 613-580-9656). You can also connect with us through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Help is Available for Seniors and Adults with Disabilities During COVID-19

In response to the rapidly changing COVID-19 landscape, Champlain Community Support Network has put together a dedicated COVID-19 Response Site where vulnerable and isolated seniors and adults with disabilities can request community support services that are currently available in our region.

The site is available in both English and French and focuses on four key services:

Services can be requested by residents as well as service providers. Individuals will complete a simple online request form indicating the needed services and their location. Requests for service will be received by a central intake for the full region, and then routed to the appropriate local CSS agency based on the location of the client.

We believe this will support community members and our health and community partners to quickly identify and refer to the services they require during COVID-19 for vulnerable seniors and adults living with a physical disability.

The site also allows for volunteers to sign up for specific roles during this heightened time. Their application will be routed to their local community agency after a high level screening, and they will be efficiently trained and onboarded to help our clients.

New COVID-19 text and chat line

Together with the Ottawa Coalition to End Violence Against Women, Interval House of Ottawa, Ottawa Victim Services and the Eastern Ottawa Resource Centre, Crime Prevention Ottawa is pleased to announce the launch of Unsafe at Home Ottawa, a secure and supportive text and online chat line for victims and survivors of domestic and gender-based violence.

The tool was designed to help women who are living with verbal abuse, emotional abuse, or physical or sexual violence, but are required to stay home due to physical distancing measures during COVID-19. Text and live online chat options allow women to connect with trained professionals to get advice, coping mechanisms and options for staying safe.

About Unsafe at Home Ottawa

Please share the tool and our social media posts with colleagues, friends, family members and neighbours to reach those who need it the most. Our message? You are not alone. You are loved. We're here to help.

Unsafe at Home Ottawa - Text (613) 704-5535
Chat onlineunsafeathomeottawa.ca